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The Complete School of Business and Life Essentials

Mission Statement

To instill real-world knowledge and experience into the minds of students. To grant both concepts and applications in real-time situations with past or present field employees. To help students learn ideas and concepts which are not taught in traditional educational facilities or by some families. To improve the student’s quality of life by giving them tools to operate in their world, which they would not ordinarily receive at other institutions.

Vision Statement

To become a necessary part of any person’s education to life, living, and learning continually for their own enrichment and betterment.

Company History

The founder attended a traditional, private college and decided that traditional college courses are not preparing students properly for the work force in the real world. She decided to build this construct to essentially fill in the gaps between real work place experience and concepts taught in classrooms. The course curriculum has been designed by her in the mindset of what she wishes she were taught in her classrooms, instead of through extra curricular activities.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of this company is to further the education of students of any age through an interactive and real-time work place simulation coupled with concepts and applications. We have a goal of expanding to at least three total campus locations to reach as many students as possible. Our objectives are enrichment, education, and encouraging lifelong learning. We will be a for-profit company, but at least 75% of our profits each year will go to charitable organizations decided upon by the Chief Executive Officer.

Ownership Structure

The Complete School of Business and Life Essentials is owned by Britany Wallace as a sole proprietorship. This is due to the limited immediate expected growth of the company. If the expansion occurred more rapidly than foreseen, the company ownership would be reevaluated and altered accordingly.

Management Structure

Chief executive officer, Britany Wallace, will oversee a Board of Directors and an Executive Team. The Executive Team will consist of educators and field experienced individuals who will then work cooperatively to hire a full staff to fulfill the necessary educational positions. The Board of Directors will consist of five individuals who donate annually to the Complete School of Business and Life Essentials, and the structure of this board will change in number as necessary expansion occurs.

Organizational Time Line

We are allowing one year to gather the necessary educators to begin the sessions and we will continue to seek employees until all positions are filled, either full-time or part-time. From the one year point, we hope to run the program at least three years consecutively to effectively reevaluate where we stand and if there is a necessity for expansion. If expansion is necessary, we will seek out one or two more locations. Since we will not be a traditional, dormitory style institution, we will only need adequate office space for our training needs. We will seek to build in public locations within city limits in strip-malls or large, multi-level buildings.

Company Summary

The Complete School of Business and Life Experiences is a newly developed ideal to inspire lifelong learning in students of all ages. The school will fill in the gaps of traditional educational curriculum to build knowledge of the true work place. The Chief Executive Officer, Executive Team, and Board of Directors will collaborate to hire educators, distribute charitable funds, and evaluate course curriculum, as necessary to reconstruct based on the students’ most prominent needs. Within three years, we foresee expanding to two new locations. The school should fulfill all of the students’ needs and accurately prepare them for entry and mid-level corporate positions, utilizing knowledge of concepts, applications, and ability to simulate real-time situations in a controlled environment. We want to better the students and educate them to empower them to take control of their futures and to be the best person they can be.

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