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Strengths: Our school of thought is unique because most institutions for education already cover an expanse of curriculum. However, most of them cover the same curriculum. We are suggesting curriculum which fills in the gaps which most institutions leave to extra-curricular activities.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses we will experience include funding, decisions on adequate locations to service the best area possible, gathering our target market, and locating educators to teach the curriculum we have designed.

Opportunities: There are many opportunities for this college. We have the opportunity to serve a purpose which is not currently being met by any other educational institution. We have the opportunity to expand into other realms of education if we are successful with our initial venture. We have the opportunity to expand nationwide and eventually globally to educate people worldwide on things which most are not learning in higher educational institutions.

Threats: Threats include the economy, perceptions of uselessness by our target market, and trade schools who may appreciate the idea and use it themselves. Being as they are already solidly established in most cases, the trade schools might easily overtake the Complete School of Business and Life Essentials.

Operations Summary:

Our primary function will be to serve the students as best as we can in terms of education they may have missed in their institution of choice. We will have offices which perform clerical and administrative duties and staff designed to evaluate and maintain our path of production and operation. We will add experts to our staff as necessary to completely round out our curriculum and office needs.

Capital Requirements:

The Complete School of Business and Life Essentials will need $7,000,000 to begin operations and the debts will be paid in kind to shareholders and with interest to the Lessors over a period of 20 years.

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