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Product and Market


The Complete School of Business and Life Essentials will provide quality educational tools and settings for students of any age, to enrich and fulfill their educated lives. Traditional education focused around business, economics, and management students contains gaps between real world situations and concepts and applications.

Future Products

We may decide to expand or focus our curriculum more, based on the current trends and what students and our Executive Board determines as gaps in the traditional educational system. We hope to expand to three total locations after three years, and within six years, we hope to have a total of seven locations. Our first three locations will be located within the reach of the East Coast and the next four locations will span the country to reach other highly populated areas of students.

Product Summary

Currently, we are working to empower students who are not completely educated and fully capable of entering the business workplace after their first degree. We will move to expand to reach students across the East Coast and we will project to be nationally recognized before our fifth year.

Target Market

Our target market consists of a bracket from college age students through adults. We want to target students and adults who feel they are missing some critical knowledge or skills necessary to life a full life or feel fully satisfied at work. Individuals who believe they do not possess the necessary skills to reach for the job of their dreams, those who believe they do not have the ability to provide for themselves in their personal lives, and anyone who believes there is a gap in traditional curriculum surrounding business majors. We will target current students in colleges and through online formats, we will draw in students who may not be local.


Our pricing strategy will revolve around our expenses and wages for the educators employed by the School. We will also provide an annual financial report defining what expenses we have and where our profits went back into the community or for the students betterment.

Advertising Strategy

We will make strong use of social media and word-of-mouth. We will also exploit mailings to colleges and send representatives to colleges to request the display of posters explaining our process. We will make use of smart phone technology by creating applications related to our curriculum. We will also try to host networking events with prestigious speakers to draw in more interested parties.

Marketing Summary

We will make use of contemporary technologies and effective marketing techniques such as social media to draw in current students and adults who might benefit from our curriculum to further their employment abilities or their lives in general. Our pricing format will depend entirely on our locations and employment costs. This will be determined with each student’s classes and length of term. We will build a customer base by networking with important individuals on contemporary topics.

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