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Blog Rules

A few rules, just so that everyone plays fair and no one is discriminated against. If these rules are broken, my discretion will determine the deletion of comments and blocking of commenters or followers. As often as we all hear it, what you post here is public so beware of what you share.

1. There will be no profanity or vulgarity, regardless if it is intended as a joke or otherwise. Do not insert asterisks (*) in an attempt to post profanities without ‘actually’ posting them. Your post will be edited or deleted.

2. Some topics I post about my be sensitive or act as ‘flash points’. If you are not capable of remaining civil during the discussion, please refrain from posting comments. Nasty comments or comments directed in a nasty manner towards specific individuals or their opinions will be deleted.

3. If you have stories to share or knowledge to impart, do so in a professional manner, with honesty, civility, and proper grammar and punctuation.

4. I am going to include this one twice because some people need repetition. This is intended as a professional blog, so please do not post with improper grammar or punctuation. It will be deleted. I do not have time to be your personal spell checker, and I will not take the time to fix continuous errors in your posts.

5. There will be no discrimination; that means no sexual, religious, racial, or otherwise derogatory and demeaning comments made about other individuals or about these groups in general.  Your post will be deleted, you will be banned from my website, and you will be reported.


More will be added as I learn my limitations and situations arise. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to comment here and I will add them as I see fit. I ask that you justify your reason for adding a rule; it is a personality quirk of mine. I need logic and reason to mostly everything I do; please grant me that one flaw and justify your suggestions for new rules.

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