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Blog Mission Statement

“So long as there is a purpose, the purpose matters not, but they pursuit of the dreams and the attainment of goals- or at least to have struggled and failed- are what matters most.”                                          -Me


I have decided to design this new blog after having toyed with a personal blog for a short time. I have decided that I can split my interests to better guide my readers and followers to the things which are important to them to read from me. The purpose of this blog is to share business related topics with my readers, to pose questions with the purpose of opening up discussion and constructive debates, and to gather opinions from others out there who have something to share about business and/or their own work, as I will share mine.

This blog is about sharing opinions openly and honestly. But, we must all remember this blog is open to the public and we are sharing our opinions with everyone. If you are not prepared to back up your statements, do not post. I will not tolerate nastiness or inappropriate and unrelated comments. Feel free to share your opinions, but do it in an appropriate way and at least attempt to maintain the peace. I will not tolerate people who cannot be civil in their opinions, both positive and negative (or for and against).

This blog will contain topics about business, issues in the news, and other related things. I enjoy doing book reviews, and I love learning, so it will often happen that I may ask for opinions! Feel free to make suggestions about other books to read, authors to investigate, or websites to check into. I am also open to suggestions for topics to research or report on.

If a need is found for a private conversation, feel free to make your case in a comment on a post and request my email address. I will determine at that point whether to share my information with you personally, and when a decision has been made, I will delete the original comment with the request.

Feel free to post any questions or comments without fear of immediate publicity, as I will be moderating everything which goes up on the site. If you expect a specific response, please include an email or blog I can reach you at to respond.



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