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Engagement at Work

January 26, 2013

Today, I had a meeting with one of my coaches. We had a lengthy discussion regarding engagement of employees and how to build it, how it is informed, and some of its intricacies. I will highlight some of the important details here for you, my dear readers.

One of the concepts we discussed was how much engagement is a result of certain treatment by management of an hourly or non-management employee. A study showed employees as being approximately 2% engaged in their work when they received no feedback at all. Those who received feedback about their weaknesses and areas to improve on had an engagement level of about 20%; while those who received feedback about their strengths and positive qualities had a level of engagement nearing 40%!

What does this mean for you and your organization? It means that you should focus on your employees’ strengths AND weaknesses to maintain balance while still keeping your valuable help engaged, developing, and improving. Highlighting both and bringing them to your employees’ attention means they know you are paying attention to them and you see all of their positive qualities, but you are still willing to help them improve. It also helps them understand that you want to be consistent in the way you approach performance at work.

If you want to learn more about strengths and engagement, check out Tom Rath’s book:  Strengthsfinder 2.0!

Tom Rath has some GREAT books!

What are your thoughts on engagement and managing your team’s strengths and/or weaknesses?

“Manage Teams; Not People. Treat everyone Fair; NOT Equal.”

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