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Concepts at Work

January 10, 2013

There are a few concepts I would like to reflect upon, which are either prominent or obviously lacking at my place of employment. They include: Attitude, teamwork, and management styles.

Teamwork. When an item has multiple parts which help it operate, all of them must work as they were designed for the item to perform as it was intended. When one or more of those parts does not work properly, neither does the item they are involved in work.

Attitudes.  Any case in which people are involved includes all of their attitudes. Whether it is attitude towards others, themselves, life in general, work, or any combination thereof or lacking things I did not list, ALL attitudes are included when people interact.

Management styles. Everyone is a manager. People must manage themselves, their lives, their work, and sometimes others. Nothing is written that says they are proficient at it, but each of us is, in fact, a manager. Wise people have said: “Manage people, but lead teams”. I strive for this in my role. Regardless, each of us has a different style of management and the best teams are built when one or more of these styles are synergetic together.

Due to my position with my company, I will not discuss particular individuals or situations by details which may produce recognition. This is simply for self-reflection and sharing of knowledge gained in my employment regarding these concepts.

Teamwork is a very important aspect of many jobs, including mine. The downfall is that if even ONE part is not working at its best, the entire system has potential to collapse. When Teamwork and  Attitudes collide, and one or more of those is negative in nature, chaos ensues. Negative aspects of teamwork and attitudes can create a hostile work place or a toxic environment. Hostile environments are dangerous because they are volatile, unpredictable, and oftentimes result in verbal violence or negativity. Toxic environments are merely negative feelings or actions that are “contagious” and picked up easily by coworkers to spread within the work place.

Management styles should bring these two aspects to bear, regardless if they are negative or positive. The best teams can be achieved when the management team have styles that coexist well. When the management team has synergy, they can have positive attitudes and teamwork which will become contagious to the other employees. Each manager must have valuable traits to the situation at hand. All traits and styles have value, it is simply a matter of perceiving that value. If the values involved do not synergize, then there may be holes in the team.

In summary, positive things are contagious, as well as negative ones. We must be conscious of what we are putting out into our environment because even if we do not feel like we are acting out of turn, others are perceiving negativity where we do not intend it. Our attitudes effect everything, our personal management styles effect everything, and teamwork is the remedy to all our problems. I could ramble, but I’d rather not. If you have any questions on one of these topics specifically, I would be more than happy to address questions in another post! I love writing for reflection and sharing purposes!

See you all soon!

“Be the person you want others to perceive you as”

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