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New Start: Broke? Check. No social life? Check. Life totally upside down? Check.

January 8, 2013

Alright readers, first I want to apologize for my extended absence. We are all familiar with how life gets in the way, well mine came crashing down head-first into a pit of tar that I needed to climb out of before I could devote time, energy, and patience to my favorite place to be: HERE!

Nothing serious happened, don’t worry! I moved a distance from home to start a new job and poured every cent my parents, grandparents, and myself had at our disposal, and still managed to extend all of my credit lines to their limits in this process. Then, I learned that I had misunderstood the pay scale at my new job and I would not receive my first check in time to make my first rent payment.

Minor freak-out.

We got it figured out and now, over a month from the move, I am back on my feet. I am not comfortable, but I am stable and satisfied. Some things will be difficult to work out, but other things have fallen right into place. As long as I continue to remain positive and head for the goals, the details on the way will fall by the wayside of my attention and become unimportant.

We must all face major changes at times in our lives and as long as we remember that we are not alone and we are not the only ones going through hard times, we can stay strong and continue on until we get to a better place. Remember: when you hit rock bottom, the only place left to go is up!

In my consequent posts, I will tell you all a little about the place I am employed and the challenges I see, as well as some concepts I have learned about and how I have applied my college learnings to my employment atmosphere.

Stay tuned and please feel free to ask questions or request certain topics of interest to you all! I would be happy to oblige an open communication and dialogue between us all!

Shout-out: To a few people who have kept me going through social media! Knowledge Bishop, Leadership Freak, Cali Ressler, Jody Thompson, Daniel Pink, and many other noteworthy authors, influences, and thought-leaders, as well as my family; and as always, my reflection. She is my strength. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with the world. It is an inspiration.

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