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A C.H.A.N.C.E for the Kingdom

March 9, 2012

Peaceable Kingdom is a no-kill animal shelter that I decided to help during my last semester in my first degree. I took an internship with them and decided to attempt to solve their biggest problem: finances. With my partner, Rachel Febert, we have worked hard this semester to gather funds for the shelter, whose lease will run out before 2013. They are going to lose their building.

Through publicity efforts, fundraising events, and networking to spread the efforts past our quasi-office (located in the school library on Mondays and Wednesdays). Please visit our video profiles for this project:



We have dealt with our fair share of obstacles; and for relatively inexperienced businesswomen, we feel we have done very well facing these challenges. We have been flexible, had a great time, and learned so much about the business world from the nonprofit side of things.

Currently, we are working hard to bring together a dinner event to benefit the shelter. We have finished ticket distribution and are beginning to promote the dinner publicly to take a waiting list. That way, when the RSVP list is complete, we will have people who are willing to pay for the tickets attending, instead of leaving empty seats. We have gotten only a few responses. Half of them in the affirmative for attendance and half of them apologizing for absence.

I think the only reason we have such mixed and few results is the time frame. I will begin pursuing people who have ticket requests soon, but for now, I am taking whatever I can get. If this event occurs again, I will most definitely stretch the project out over more time.

For more information about the shelter, visit

For more information about the internship, visit

So many people have been so helpful, I just continue to hope that everything will fall together and be a success. Next time, there will be a better thought out time bracket.

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