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Keeping Self-Promises

February 28, 2012
promise, swear, pledge

Someone who has inspired me often to think about life consciously during my everyday life is Tristan Bishop. He can be found on Twitter @KnowledgeBishop. I love reading his posts on the days I spend on Twitter; notice I did NOT say “when” I am on Twitter every day.

This morning’s inspiring quote from the master himself:  “A promise made to yourself is well worth keeping, so get up and get after it!”

Sounds easy, right? Sure thing.

Fact is, some people have more motivation than others and it is easier for them to just go do it. Some people do not have that quality. The question to be asked here is this:  is motivation all it takes? Is will power enough to get anything done you want to get done?

Or are there other things you need to have in order to just go keep the promises you make to yourself?

To me it is a matter of motivation; but, motivation is made up of sub categories such as support, desire, ability, priorities, and values. If you do not have at least some of these things, you may not be entirely capable of just following your dreams and keeping your promises. You need a solid support system, even if it does not consist of the same friends you spend your time with on the weekends, or your team at work. Your support system can come from anywhere that people are willing to tell you ‘you can do it.’ Generally, my family and boyfriend are my support system, as well as a few close friends. Most of the professionals I work with challenge what I tell them I will do because they do not expect me to meet the expectations I set for myself. Then, I prove them wrong.

Desire and ability go hand-in-hand because if you already have the ability, all you need is desire to accomplish something and you can do that. If you do not have the ability, you must still have the desire and want to perform the action before you can seek the information to learn the ability. These two qualities are locked in a cycle of symbiotic usefulness to each other and to anyone who chooses to use them as part of their arsenal of keeping their promises.

priorities, values, goals, achievement, motivationPriorities and values also tend to travel together. If you know what you value, or have an idea, you have the ability to prioritize. Or, if you have priorities, you can whittle those down to what you value from work or life or society. Without values and things that matter to you, you will not get far down the road of keeping promises to anyone, nevermind yourself. If you make yourself a promise to keep your New Year’s Resolution (i.e. to eat healthier or lose weight) you will never reach that goal if you do not a) value your body image or b) prioritize the actions necessary to attain the goal.

We have reached an agreement with KnowledgeBishop! Make promises to yourself; make them realistic, and then GO KEEP THEM! Just remember to prioritize, want what you reach for, and keep telling yourself you will get there. If you can’t remember to tell yourself, that is what your support system is for; utilize them.

What do the readers think?

Is it that easy to just go do it?

What ‘other’ things are important to go do it?

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