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Decisions, decisions; Which is better?

February 28, 2012

We all have social circles and avenues we follow. Right? Right. Well, in the constantly expanding world of social media and remaining in touch via the internet with people you’ve never even met in person sometimes, things can get hectic if you do not know what the best methods are for YOU.There are many people out there willing to share their thoughts, wisdom, perspectives, and knowledge with you. Actually, there are people who will share these things with you or anyone else, for that matter who will listen! Don’t get me wrong; this is NOT, I repeat NOT a bad thing. It just gets…overwhelming.

This brief blurb is to introduce you to an issue many of us have crossed multiple times before and will continue to experience if one or more of you do not answer this question for yourselves (and for me). This post is for the readers. And, all of us out there who don’t know which questions to ask first, or whom to ask.

Would you say it is more effective and efficient to find a post that is interesting and investigate the corresponding blogger’s entire website until you have exhausted that resource and decide if you need to book mark, subscribe, or contact that person; ORis it better to read the article that interested you originally and wait until the same author comes up again and THEN spend the time investigating?

What kind of criteria do you use to decide which blogs to exhaust and which ones to simply read and move-on? Are there circumstances in which you change your pattern of decision-making?

Two questions for the day, do I have any takers who want to share their wisdom with anyone listening?

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