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Conformist Thinking?

February 25, 2012

John Bader wrote a book called Dean’s List. In the first habit he discusses, he mentions his feelings that grades are shallow. He states that grades are an indicator of learning only to the teacher’s standards. They do not represent learning to any degree he feels is useful and they are short-term measurements of how much you can memorize in the week before the test.

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Seriously, we let our lives revolve around these silly things? Do they REALLY indicate achievement?

The critical thinking to take away from Habit # 1 is this concept:  receiving a college degree does not make you an expert in your field. The reality is that college revolves around grades. But, it should revolve around “exploration, experimentation, and learning grounded in curiosity.”

An interview has been planned with a professor to discuss these concepts and investigate his thoughts and feelings on Bader’s assertions. Another post will follow sometime this month with interview results.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree or disagree with Bader’s assertions about grades?


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