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Peaceable Kingdom Press Release

February 23, 2012

Peaceable Kingdom no-kill animal shelter

Date: 1/30/2012
Contact: Britany Wallace
Telephone: 570-313-5155

Students are Fundraising and Volunteering to Give Homeless Pets Another CHANCE!

Britany Wallace and Rachel Febert are senior students at Moravian College in Bethlehem. They are working together to raise funds, awareness, and supplies for this no-kill shelter as they work on transitioning to a new location. During their last semesters at Moravian, these two girls have decided to give their best efforts to help the shelter raise funds for a down payment on a new building. They have begun to set up events of all scales and they have reached out to friends and family for help on their journey.

These two have begun arrangements for a pet social event in Jordan Park behind the shelter to be held on April 1st from 10AM-2PM. They hope to have food, vendors, and pets of all shapes and sizes there to socialize. They hope to bring some of the shelter pets to initiate adoptions, as well. Another big event they have planned is the end of semester Dinner/Reception called CHANCE (Community Hearts Are Never Close Enough). They are putting together and Ad book to distribute at the event, in which businesses or individuals can publish advertisements for a set donation cost and the book will be distributed for free at CHANCE.

They are also pursuing smaller scale projects such as getting the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school students, and other groups to help with small fundraisers or supply drives. They are also attempting to set up standing relationships between some of these groups with Peaceable Kingdom, so that when the internship is over, they leave PK with something special:  friends, family, and community larger than before willing and able to help every year! They are designing internship and volunteer structures for particular purposes, so that interested parties can continue the work after Britany and Rachel have left.

These girls are looking for volunteers for their events, volunteers for the shelter, donations to help the cause, donations in kind from companies of supplies for the events, and companies interested in publishing ads in the book.

Britany is a business major and Rachel is a pre-medical major. Rachel is interested in marketing and loves to use her creativity for publicity. Britany likes to write and is maintaining a business blog and an online portfolio which include her movements with Peaceable Kingdom.

Her blog is found at
Her portfolio is at
Peaceable Kingdom’s website is

Peaceable Kingdom began in 1998 as a no-kill cat foster program focusing on placing unwanted animals into new loving homes. By 2002, they had expanded to house dogs as well and they focus on low-cost spay and neuter clinics. They raise awareness and avoid overpopulation, as well as preventing abuse of unwanted animals by providing these services. They hope to aid veterinarians in research for chemical sterilization which is painless, fast, and convenient for people with companion animals.

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If you would like more information, to schedule an interview, or to help Britany and Rachel’s cause, they can be reached via email at and They can also be reached by phone via 570-313-5155 or 484-767-1536.

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  1. Very good, and it sounds like it would be helpful too. Working to better the world by being un-narcissistic. 😉

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