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Writer’s Confusion!

January 24, 2012

I have a few topics I would like to pursue and all of them require research, as any good blog post worth sharing as informative needs. I have, therefore, designed a poll to discover what would be most appreciated first!

Tell me what you think and I will get to it right away! I wish I could post more often, but I love doing book reviews and interesting posts which also have some value to me. I am in college full-time, hold down two-part time jobs, and I have undertaken an internship with a local no-kill animal shelter. I am a busy woman! Plus, every career staff person is breathing down my neck to continually rewrite my resume so it is presentable and “cutting edge” even though every professional I have spoken to says that they all look the same and we need to do something different and ummm….SPECTACULAR to get their attention…but, I digress.


Okay. I am posting a poll. Please, select the topic of most interest to you and then comment with any feedback and your preferences for topics ranked 2-4 in order of importance to you.


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  1. These are interesting subjects. I have worked for both small and large companies. The one I now work for is quite small.

    I’m curious to see if you would write this from a purely political standpoint or from a perspective of personal gain/happiness.

    Corporate social responsibility would also be interesting because this one might cause some of our differences to emerge. Such a thing would be fine with me, considering many of the friends that I’ve found on wordpress think quite differently from myself.

    First impressions? Hmm. That sounds like fun. Are we talking with people or objects?

    I rather hope that you tackle all of these!

    • I will most definitely be writing all of them at some point or another. I just need to finish my invention to insert more hours into a week so that I can begin all of these interesting topics!

      I was just looking for a gauge of which topics people find the most interesting and would prefer to hear about first.

      First impressions will be with people, but not from a strictly business standpoint because there are differences in first impressions of personal meetings and business meetings.

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