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Passion for Life VS. Passion for Work

January 11, 2012

It is said that if you “Do what you love, you will never work another day in your life.”

It occurs to me that I have many interests and passions. And, although I am still very green to life, I struggle to see how many of my interests and passions could ever be something I could be paid to do. My interests are diverse and many. But, I have come to a self-conclusion.

Dorothy Dalton posted a link on Twitter this morning which caught my attention and got me to thinking about this concept. Click here to read it. My response is directly underneath this post.

After putting a relative amount of thought into this idea, I have realized that I do exactly what is right for me to do. I search for work based on what my skills allow, and I maintain many pursuits of interest (accompanied by various degrees of passion) which can be called upon at any time should the occasion arise for the two paths-work and passion – to meet appropriately.

I requested help from some of the most helpful Twitter users I follow and received some great advice from many of them! Now, I am curious about your thoughts. How do you (or how would you like to) handle the difference between passion for life and passion for work?

What are your thoughts or questions about my own conclusions?

Look for my next business blog about Open Software! I am really excited to write this one! Extremely personal opinions, but I feel like it is a worthwhile conversation to have.

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