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December 5, 2011

I will not belabor this book because it is mostly a work book to help the reader discover and deal with stressors. I only suggest it because stress is a large part of many people’s lives and my own is one of them. This book by C. Michele Haney and Edmond W. Boenisch Jr. is a helpful tool in determining the areas of your life which cause you the most distress and how to handle those things effectively to avoid disease and/or death. That sounds harsh, right? Wrong. The first chapter of the book explains that stress, if left to its own devices and not handled at all, can eventually cause death or diseases that can lead to death. The book identified six areas of stress: money, people, work, leisure, body, and mind. Give it a read through and find out where your stress lies and what you can do about it!

I scored:

38/225 People Stress

People stress is the kind of stress (good or bad) associated with your social life and every person you deal with on a daily basis. This includes friends, acquaintances, family, and coworkers. Dealing with situations, even good ones, can cause stress in your life.

25/100 Money Stress

This one is a big one currently, with the economy. Money stress deals with any kind of stress pertaining to your personal finances, bills, money in general, or upcoming expenditures you know about. Even something like realizing your computer is crashing and that you’re going to have to replace it shortly, can be considered money stress.

50/175 Work Stress

Work stress is anything related to work. Anything to do with coworkers, the work environment, or the expectations plays into work stress.

40/95 Leisure Stress (Dangerous)

It seems this is self-explanatory, but it’s not. Leisure stress pertains to anything surrounding your hobbies and things you do to relax. Generally, this stress is generated when you do not take enough time to work on hobbies, or when you have trouble balancing hobbies and work effectively. Not balancing time to relax and work can be stressful and lead to stress in other areas, like work or mind and body.

17/190 Mind Stress (Low)

Mind stress is related to your spirit and how you think about yourself and analyze everything about your life. Too much stress in this area can cause confusion and disorientation, as well as a malfunctioning of the body and stress in other areas. If you are incapable of thinking through something or reasoning, you will create unnecessary stress in your life.

80/330 Body Stress

Body stress is self-explanatory, as well. It pertains to your physicality and your health. If you are pushing your body to do things it is not designed to do, or you are ignoring the warning signs the body has built into its system to signal that something is wrong, you will create stress in your life that is not needed. Your body may also respond in a stressed way if you have too much stress in other areas of your life, in an attempt to tell you something is out of balance or wrong.

A. Highest stress levels: Leisure, Work, Body

B. I don’t know how to balance leisure activities with responsibilities.

Fearing to slack off at work, I spend more time and effort on making sure everything is 100%.

This takes a physical toll on me.

The rest of the book spends time discussing how to relax, prevent stress, and deal with your personal stresses. I would recommend this book to anyone because everyone has stress, even if it is only a little bit.

So, stay stress free, my friends! Tomorrow is another day!

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